International Tax Services

India is the world's largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies. As multinationals across the world shift their focus and approach to India, it is important that the country's tax and regulatory policies are well understood for optimizing growth and success opportunities. One of the biggest challenges - and greatest areas of opportunity - for a multinational company today is effectively managing local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with its overall business objectives and operations. The tumultuous global economy requires a closer relationship between a company’s tax and business operations to maximize every opportunity for cash tax savings and tax efficiencies.

Cross Border Tax Advisory & Compliances

Our wide range of Cross Border Tax Advisory and Compliance Services include

  • Structuring of Inbound and Outbound Investments
  • Selection of Appropriate form of entity for Inbound and Outbound Investments
  • Advise on various withholding tax related issues
  • Analysis and Interpretation of various DTAAs and recommendation on suitable option for business activities
  • Rearrangement of Employment in order to optimize tax efficiencies
  • Due Diligence of PE Exposure under various Tax Treaties and recommendation on suitable alternative for minimization of PE Exposure
  • Issuance of Certificates like Form 15CB
  • Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns of Foreign Assessees including their employees in India as well as abroad