Transfer Pricing

The transfer pricing regulations in India has seen many changes in last few years. The OECD released the revised transfer pricing guidelines 2010 and made considerable progress on its projects on intangibles and safe harbor rules. Several countries have adopted new and revised requirements for transfer pricing and are increasing their focus on dispute resolution. India too has evolved as a major contributory to the Transfer Pricing Regulations especially with the initiative of Transfer Pricing Regulations to various Specified Domestic Transactions first time globally.

With the introduction of domestic transfer pricing and the mutual agreement procedure (MAP) evolving as an alternate dispute resolution mechanism, India has seen changes as well. To thrive through these challenging times, we offer MNCs valuable long-term strategies with a global perspective on how to meet these increased transfer pricing challenges.

Our Services include

  • Developing an objective Transfer Pricing policy considering the business needs
  • Managing compliance and documentation requirements like issuance of audit report in Form 3CEB, preparation of Scope Study Report, etc.
  • Strategizing and assisting in dealing with global dispute resolution and planning APAs
  • Alignment of Global Structure for the objective transfer pricing considerations
  • Evaluating and addressing the implications of the proposed changes in regulations including Specified Domestic Transactions
  • Appearance before tax authorities to justify the Transfer Pricing adopted by the Assessee
  • Realignment of the Transfer Pricing Methods in order to suit the business needs of the Corporates
  • Assessment of various global Transfer Pricing decisions and its effect on business operations